February 4 is World Cancer Day.

If the entire world was listening, what would you say about cancer? 

Every day at the Cancer Foundation, our donors are improving cancer care in our community, empowering survivors, and making sure those facing cancer have access to the support and resources they need close to home. That’s why we are taking part in World Cancer Day; we are joining the rest of the world to show how we share these values, raise awareness, and empower each and every person to take charge in improving their community’s health by caring for their own.

The concept is simple: together, we can change the way cancer impacts the world we live in.

World Cancer Day was started 17 years ago as a way to raise awareness about the disease’s prevalence, promote research, improve cancer care services for patients, and begin a global dialogue in our ability to work together to fight cancer.

This year World Cancer Day is Saturday February 4, and we invite you to join the global conversation online about cancer care and prevention. At the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, YOU get to choose where your donation goes – whether you want to support a specific group coaching program, one on one Cancer Coaching, clinical trials, oncolytic virus research, a specific type of cancer, or any other designation. You can give directly to whichever area of cancer care is most important to you.

When you give a gift in honour of World Cancer Day, you also get to tell the whole world why. The Cancer Foundation provides complimentary one-on-one Cancer Coaching to help those facing cancer (and their family members) navigate their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs during their cancer journey. We provide group coaching programs where survivors can come together to receive support in a welcoming environment. We help fund local clinical trials which provide options to those facing difficult-to-treat cancers. We help fund local research which has led to the creation of lifesaving tools and therapies and brings us closer every day to curing cancer.

The campaign theme of #WeCanICan implies that we can make a difference together, and that these chances start with us as individuals.

together, WE CAN drastically improve cancer care in our community and make sure no one faces cancer alone.


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