the k2care campaign: bringing coaching to ottawa's west end

The Idea 

Cancer Coaching has been offered at the Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre on Alta Vista Drive since 2011. But the more clients who come through our doors, the clearer we can see that the support and guidance provided by a Cancer Coach is needed in different communities throughout our region. 

There are currently more than 3,000 families facing cancer in the West of the Ottawa Region. Not only is this number far too large, but it's also far too many people who may not be getting the support they need because it's too far away from home. It has always been the Cancer Foundation's plan to help Cancer Coaching grow throughout our community, and now because of YOUR support, it is happening closer to home for those facing cancer in Ottawa's West End! 

The Location

Many who visit the Cancer Foundation say the same thing about their first impression – “it feels like someone’s home!” That’s why, when looking for a place to host a Cancer Coach in Ottawa’s West End, finding a place with the same kind of atmosphere was absolutely necessary. 

Thankfully, Tina Ferrone stepped in. She’s the owner of Beyond Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre in Kanata, and immediately loved the idea of welcoming a Cancer Coach and their clients into the studio. As wellness hub in the West End that even provides free parking, it didn’t take long to see that it was a perfect fit! 

Beyond Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre is located at 66 Hearst Way #3, and a Cancer Coaching appointment can be made by calling the Cancer Foundation at 613-247-3257. 

The People 

Patricia Barrett-Robillard is a Cancer Coach at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and now spends every Friday working with Coaching clients at Beyond Yoga. 


“This has broken down so many barriers for those facing cancer in Ottawa’s West End,” she says. “There are people I wouldn’t have met, and who wouldn’t be getting the help they need right now because they don’t have the time or the energy to drive across the city for an appointment, especially when they already have to do that so often for their treatments.” 

The expansion is also helping to develop and strengthen the West End’s network of cancer care resources, ensuring patients can easily connect with the things they need. “When I’m not Coaching, I’m building my network of resources to help my clients find whatever they might need to feel more empowered,” Patti says. “That could include anything from mastectomy supplies to fitness classes, to wellness services or to resources which can help them manage the challenges of returning to work. The goal is to be able to refer them to resources which are local to them, and to services that will work for them during their experience with cancer.”

Why we need YOU

By bringing Cancer Coaching to Beyond Yoga in the West End, those facing cancer have already achieved so many victories in taking charge in their cancer journey. But we currently do not have enough resources to continue this program past April of 2018. 

Your gift ensures we can continue networking with cancer care services in the West End, can do the right kind of outreach to connect with more patients and healthcare providers, and can continue bringing Cancer Coaching closer to home for those who need it. 

You can be the reason a parent spends an extra hour playing with their children, instead of spending that time driving to their Coaching appointment. 

You can be the reason someone is finally able to schedule a wellness appointment they need – because their Cancer Coach helped them find it right in their own neighbourhood. 

You can be the reason someone reaches out for support in taking control of their cancer – because you truly care for your community.