About the Cancer Champions Breakfast

At the Cancer Champions Breakfast, guests will be able to meet and hear the stories of families in our community who have been touched by cancer. They will also be able to network with leading doctors, researchers, and wellness professionals in our region to discuss their work and discover what is up and coming in cancer care. All funds raised through the Cancer Champions Breakfast over the years have stayed right here in our community to help those facing cancer through local research, clinical trials and Cancer Coaching at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Clinical Trials Are Saving Lives Here in OttawaPhoto credit: Valberg Studios
Clinical trials offer the latest and most advanced cancer therapies available, often with fewer side effects and better outcomes for the patient. Over the last few years they've shown incredible promise in some of the most difficult-to-treat cancers, like metastatic melanoma and glioblastoma multiforme. Your gift to the Cancer Champions Breakfast ensures the newest cancer care innovations are available locally for our friends and family members facing cancer, and gives our community hope. 

Clinical trials are the future of cancer care, but they currently receive very little funding. Consistent donor support is absolutely crucial in making sure the latest research breakthroughs can become clinical trials as quickly as possible; donors to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation help open up to 50 new cancer clinical trials each year, giving more than 1,200 patients access to these innovative therapies. 

Cancer Coaching Meets Each Patient's Unique Needs
Cancer Coaching was developed by the Cancer Foundation in response to the growing need for cancer survivorship care in our community. Cancer Coaching is available free of charge to patients, their family members, and their caregivers without the need for a medical referral and with no lengthy wait times. Coaching focuses not on the disease, but on the needs and goals of the individual, whether they are physical, informational, emotional, or spiritual, and is complementary to existing cancer treatments and services. Cancer Coaching helps cancer survivors gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active and empowered participants in their care and management of their health.

Ottawa is Home to some of the World's Best Cancer Researchers 
Local researchers and clinicians like Dr. John Bell, Dr. Rebecca Auer, and Dr. Johanne Weberpals are working hard to develop the newest and best approaches to treating cancer, often using individualized treatments tailored to each unique patient. Watch the video below to learn more about oncolytic viruses and Car T therapy, two local initiatives researchers believe could drastically improve survival rates for many different types of cancer.