You create hope for local families

Your generosity gives hope to thousands of families in our community. This past year, you empowered more survivors, increased access to personalized treatment and enabled integration and continuity of care. We are grateful to all our 16,750 donors who gave nearly $5.5 million to support local cancer care in fiscal year 2015-16. Every dollar you gave stayed in the community to help local patients, survivors and their loved ones.

Your support meant that families could reach out for Cancer Coaching, patients had access to the latest treatments through clinical trials and researchers advanced their understanding of how cancer can be stopped. You also helped us partner with local hospitals and other care providers to expand local cancer services in the region so everyone can access the best care, close to home.

Thank you for giving hope!



Cancer Coaching


Cancer Research and Clinical Trials


Expansion of Local Cancer Services

The financial information above is preliminary and subject to adjustments and modifica!ons.
Audited financial statements will be available later in the year.

You’ve helped families find support and take control of their cancer through Cancer Coaching

Cancer Coaching is used by patients, survivors and their families at various points, depending on their needs.

Report to Community Client Profiles

Cancer Coaching only exists because of the support you provide as donors. Over the past five years, the Cancer Foundation has become a very busy place. In fact, clients visited the Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre 8,730 times last year to receive crucial guidance, tools and resources that help them and their families to be"er manage the stress and trauma associated with cancer and improve their quality of life.

You improved the lives of those facing cancer; since taking part in Cancer Coaching, 87% of our clients report their quality of life had improved. With new Wellness Workshops, a multicultural initiative, and brain fog certification for our Cancer Coaches, those who are living with cancer now have access to more resources that are just right for them. We’re also working with varioushealth partners on a new certification program that will help expand Cancer Coaching across the region.




The Harvard Institute of Coaching reports that coaching outperforms advice-giving based approaches in 80% of clinical trials.

Your support of research and clinical trials gives local patients new treatment options

You help to fund local research from which new therapies are developed and, in turn,advanced through clinical trials. Thanks to the strong support of our community, Ottawa has emerged as a centre of excellence for both research and clinical trials, often being chosen first to open new clinical trials.

You've helped give more than 1,500 local cancer patients access to potentially life-saving treatments each year through clinical trials. With over 200 clinical trials running in our community and up to 40 new trials opening each year, the strength of our clinical trials program is vital to both patients and researchers. You also helped to open trials at the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital. In addition, your support of local clinical trials helps leverage $4 - $5 million of investment in specialized drugs that wouldn’t otherwise be offered to patients.




The Maraba virus is a rhabdovirus and has a bullet-like shape.

It was discovered in sandflies in the Maraba region of Brazil, and has been engineered to seek out cancer cells and do two things: as an oncolytic virus, it replicates inside the cancer cell and destroys it, and it also triggers an immune response that recognizes the cancer as a threat.


harnessing your immune system to kill cancer

One year ago immunotherapy treatments were virtually unavailable. Today it's one of the areas that have recently seen great advancements and has researchers and doctors alike excited. Immunotherapy drugs activate a person’s immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Your support has brought to our region clinical trials that use immunotherapy drugs, promising treatment options for melanoma patients and other difficult to treat cancers.

Immunotherapy is a major step forward in cancer treatment and is extending the lives of those living with some of the most deadly forms of cancer.


Oncolytic Viruses:
Out of the lab and into clinical trials

Photo credit: Valberg Studios

Local researcher Dr. John Bell and his team pioneered the development of oncolytic viruses over a decade ago supported by donors to the Cancer Foundation. Now Ottawa is a hub for a number of local researchers who work with oncolytic viruses to understand how they can be used in new cancer treatments. This past year, a “First"In"Human” oncolytic trial began, called the Maraba Trial.The Maraba trial is the world’s first clinical trial of its kind that uses a combination of the Maraba virus and an adenovirus, designed to kill cancer cells and create an anti-cancer immune response. And, as Dr. Bell’s lab has a specialized "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) facility to manufacture oncolytic viruses for clinical use, Ottawa is manufacturing the Maraba virus for the local trial here and for three other trial sites across Canada.

thank you for helping families touched by cancer in the Ottawa region!